Kris Nowka

Welcome.  In all the forms of Webster's Dictionary, Welcome!  I greet you, I'm excited to see you, I hope you enjoy your stay, I'd love for you to come back.  So welcome.  Or in a more desperate way of expressing my self . . . 

Well . . . ? COME!!!

Won't you please follow along with my blog while my understanding of all things e-commerce, all things web-technical and all things creative come to life before your eyes as I launch new products and tell the tales of their creations.

All blessings to you and all glory to God.  
Welcome.  Enjoy.

~ Always Kris . . . always curly.

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  • Suzette on

    Welcome to e-commerce! You belong here!

  • Cindy on

    So excited for you and your new adventure!! Love the names you chose for the aprons and hooded towels. ;-)

  • Rosanna on

    Excited to take this journey with you!!

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