About Curly Girl Made


Welcome to Curly Girl Made!

I am so glad you stopped by, let me introduce myself.  I am a mom, boy mom to be exact, with two handsome sons and I am wifey to an Oklahoma man, Craig.  I am pretty much a Wisconsin raised, dairy farmin', hard working curly girl.  I have a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin and put it to good use over the years splitting my time between corporate engineering and church administration.  This crazy career path led me from up north to down south leaving behind a trail of homesteads in Minnesota, Oklahoma, Virginia, Texas and finally settling down in Sweet Home Alabama.  In all of this messy chaos, one thing remained.  I was the curly girl that made stuff.

While my professional life was filled with numbers, spreadsheets and projects, my personal life was filled with creative passions like making people laugh, leading workshops and creating STUFF. 

My earliest memory of creating something would have to be making birthday presents for my twin sisters, Jean and Joan. I was five and they were turning seven.  I made them dolls out of toilet paper rolls.  But, whether it was because they were tomboys or because I hadn't perfected the art of toilet-paper-roll doll making, the gift went over like a lead balloon.  I wasn't deterred. My next project was a stick-horse for my kindergarten class. On and on it went from crafting to sewing to drawing, I was always creating.  


Everything I make comes with a story.  Be sure to follow my blog as the products on these pages come to life with the tales of all things Curly Girl Made.

             ~ Always Kris . . . always curly.



 P.S.  Did I mention, I am also dog mom to these two critters, Harley & Billy Jo?   Always at my side as I create.